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Assessment Options

1. Career Interests Profiler

AU $59.95

The Career Interests Profiler assesses your interest in a variety of activities, industries and occupations to identify potential career paths and areas of study. It is based on your individual preferences and is designed to help you discover the type of work you are most likely to enjoy.

In your report you will:

  • Discover potential careers based on your interests and values
  • Find out the areas of study that match your highest scoring careers
  • Get an action plan to help you on your path to your next job
  • Learn about career resources and job search websites for specific industries including the Arts, Media, Entertainment, Sports, Not-for-Profit and Small Business sectors
  • Be inspired to take charge of your career and achieve your full potential.

Duration: Approx 20 minutes

2. Career Personality Profiler

AU $79.95

The Career Personality Profiler is based on the theory of psychological types described by Swiss psychiatrist C.G Jung and Isabel Myers. It assesses four aspects of your personality based on the following scales: Informer-Reflector, Producer-Creator, Analyser-Helper and Planner-Adapter.

In your report you will:

  • Discover potential careers based on your personality type
  • Find out your natural strengths and abilities
  • Learn about your preferred work tasks
  • Discover your ideal work environment
  • Find out what motivates you to perform at your best.

Duration: Approx 10 minutes

3. Career Interests Profiler + Career Personality Profiler

AU $129.95

This option provides you with a comprehensive career assessment, identifying potential careers based on your interests and values; and potential careers based on your personality type.

* After you complete the Career Interests Profiler, you will receive instructions for the Career Personality Profiler. We recommend you complete both assessments prior to making any career decisions.