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About the Career Assessment

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About the Career Interest Profiler

The Career Interests Profiler assesses your interest in a variety of activities, industries and occupations to identify potential career paths and areas of study. It is based on your individual preferences and is designed to help you discover the type of work you are most likely to enjoy. This career test is suitable for a wide range of people and contains an extensive database of careers and areas of study.

Is this an accurate career assessment?

The Career Interests Profiler was developed by professional Career Consultant, Katie Roberts (B Sc. (Psych & Mgmt), MBTI®, CDAA). Katie is the Director of Katie Roberts Career Consulting and a professional member of the Career Development Association of Australia.

“When I first started working as a Career Consultant, I tested a number of career assessments to find a suitable one to use with my clients. Unfortunately the majority of assessments I tested produced inaccurate results. As a result, I developed my own career assessment, aiming to accurately identify the careers that best suit an individual’s interests and values.

Since launching the Career Interests Profiler, people from all over the world including Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom have taken the assessment to help them make an informed career choice. The feedback has been very positive with a number of Career Advisors, Employment Consultants and Teachers now recommending it to their students and clients.”

Katie Roberts, Career Consultant

How does it work?

The career assessment takes approximately 20 minutes and involves rating your level of interest in a variety of activities, industries and occupations from strongly like to strongly dislike.

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At the end of the assessment, you will receive your Career Report detailing your highest scoring careers, suggested areas of study, an action plan and recommended websites.

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What else can I get?

To learn about career options that suit your personality type, we recommend you also take the Career Personality Profiler. In your Career Personality Report you will discover potential career paths based on your personality type and learn about your preferred work tasks and ideal work environment.

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Why should I take this career assessment tool?

According to a study conducted by Professor Charles Birch and Management Consultant David Paul, titled ‘Life and Work,’ 88% of people are dissatisfied with their job. Unhappiness at work not only affects you, it also affects your family and friends.

Considering the number of hours we work each week, it is important that we find a job that interests us. Life is short! Why not enjoy each day rather than spend every week looking forward to the weekend?

Our career assessment identifies potential career paths and areas of study that you are most likely to enjoy, providing you with a lifestyle choice, not just a job.

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

Albert Schweitzer