Many people start a new job and find that it does not live up to their expectations. Perhaps they don’t enjoy the work, they don’t get along with their boss, the hours are too long or their salary doesn’t match their skills and experience. Considering the time and effort it takes to get a job in the first place, it is important to consider whether the position you are applying for is in line with your interests, values and personality.

For example, if flexible hours is important to you, consider whether the role offers flexible working arrangements. If career development is important to you, check whether the company offers professional development and learning opportunities, and if there’s room to grow in the organisation.

To help you gain clarity on the types of job roles that match your needs and wants, we recommend you take our career assessment. Career Magnifier will assess your interest in a variety of activities, industries and occupations to identify potential career paths and areas of study.

At the end of the assessment you will receive a report containing your highest scoring careers, suggested areas of study, an action plan and recommended websites.